Part 6/Vienna

I got into the train station at about 5 pm, and then took a short subway ride to the hotel. Once getting settled into the hotel, I ventured out to see what I could find in the hotel area, where i came upon an Australian bar in Austria. I know, its confusing. So, I went there. Turns out, the menu was probably more Austrian, or, perhaps even typical American than Australian. The only signs of Australia I could see on the menu were an ostrich burger, and the fact that they served Fosters.

After getting a cheeseburger and some non-Fosters beer, I went back to the hotel. For this part of the trip, I am staying in Hilton’s again. With all the points that I had built up previously in Berlin, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and other places, the hotel this for this trip was free. Never say no when corporations try to give you free stuff.

Getting to the room however, I looked for laundromats in the area, since some of my clothes are getting to the point where they’re starting to smell a bit. However, there were none in the hotel area. Hence, I made the impromptu decision to do Hotel Room sink laundry, having watched more than a few Rick Steves videos on how to pack light, I knew this was a thing. As I write this two days latter, my clothes are finally getting dry, and no longer smell. So, I guess I would call it a success.

The following day, I headed out to see the sights of Vienna. I headed down to the Leopold museum. This is about the same time as climate activists were taking their activism out on works of art, so security at the museum was extra tight, and backpacks and purses were no longer being allowed. This wasn’t a problem for myself as I did’t have any one those things on me, but it did make the que for the coat room extra chaotic.

After checking out some ‘modern era’ art, and studying the role that Vienna played in shaping modern art back in the late 19th and early 20th century, I went to go people watching in the parks around the parliament building.

I then got a lunch from a vegan restaurant of a hamburger and fries. The fries were ok, the vegan hamburger wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t really describe it as having a hamburger taste, then again, I’ll eat just about anything.

Non hamburger hamburger

After that, I walked around the government building sector a bit more and got on the subway back to the hotel. In Austria, they’re still requiring masks on transit, so I had to make sure I had my FFP-2/KN-95 mask on me.

Getting back to the hotel, I head to the bar and begin to plan out the next phase of my trip. I decided that in spite of the declining temperatures, I would stick to the northern route, and go through Zurich and most likely Leon after that. The train ride from Vienna to Milan I decided was just too long. Hence, I added the train tickets to my Eurail pass for Sunday, and hotel reservations to Zurich.

After making plans while doing more people watching from the hotel, I decided it was time go check out the evening scene in Vienna. After looking for restaurants with no success, I decided to go to a bar, Das Moped, where I was clearly the only tourist they had seen in weeks. I had a couple of gin and tonics, and was on my way to find dinner.

By this time, it was around 8:30 on a Friday night, and most of the restaurants were closed. I checked room service in my hotel, but at this time they were running a reduced menu since it was no longer peak hours. Hence, my best option, I decided was to run across the street to the train station Mcdonalds.

The following day, I got up and headed to a pastry breakfast shop Joseph-Backerei Patisserie Bistro for breakfast of a ham and egg bagel, and coffee. Followed up with more coffee, of course from Starbucks.

Breakfast ham and egg bagel

After that, i continued my Vienna Art Museum tour at the Museum of Modern Art, which in spite of the name is more post war contemporary art. Then, I went to Die Burgermacher for beer and burgers. I followed this up with another walk, up to the Westbahnhof train station, before taking a subway ride back to the hotel.

Then, I finally got my wiener in Wien, from a food stand a couple of blocks from the hotel. For dinner that night, I went back to the Australian restaurant where this time I had a chicken wrap, which was essentially a chicken burrito.

Chicken wrap/burrito
A wiener in Wien

The following day I knew was going to be a long travel day. I needed to get to the train by 9:30 that following morning for the train to Zurich.

That morning, after my morning Starbucks run, with me getting a bagel for breakfast, I headed to the next door train station to catch a train to the main train station. However, I accidentally got on the Airport train. Realizing my error, i got off and was able to switch to the correct train. Once at the trains station, I got on the train to Zurich, and my time in Vienna was done.

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