Lisbon, one possible destination

About me

Hi, I’m Ryan. A native midwesterner now trying to make it in Seattle working for a Mega Corp. This is a blog about my travels, attempt to retire early (hence the finances), and me attempting to make it through this crazy world.

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Refocus on Finance

Coming back from sabbatical, I feel refreshed. That being said, I did manage to contract Covid, so theres that. However given that. I won’t be traveling again any time soon since, well, I have to pay for this trip, what better time to get my blog focused back on its original intent, Finance, and myContinue reading “Refocus on Finance”

Trade Log

Stock: MSFT, Price:248.18 Purchased 3 Puts and 3 Call options for MSFT Puts purchased 3 with January 20, 2023 260 strike expiration for 13.60 each Calls Sold 3 with January 2023 expiration 250 strike expiration for 7.65 each Thoughts: After wrapping up this, I am somewhat concerned that I didn’t ask for enough with theContinue reading “Trade Log”

Part 11/Lisbon

Finally I arrived in Lisbon, the final stop of the hermit phase of this trip, and the only non train voyage on this trip, arriving by plane from Barcelona, as the train connections between Portugal and the rest of Europe aren’t that good. There is a sleeper train I could have taken from Madrid toContinue reading “Part 11/Lisbon”

Part 10/Barcelona

At the start of this trip, one of the cities I was probably most excited to visit was Barcelona. As I started plotting this thing out, and potential routes, Barcelona would be at the end, or near the end of the hermit phase of my trip. Eventually, while in Prague, over a beer at theContinue reading “Part 10/Barcelona”


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