Lisbon, one possible destination

About me

Hi, I’m Ryan. A native midwesterner now trying to make it in Seattle working for a Mega Corp. This is a blog about my travels, attempt to retire early (hence the finances), and me attempting to make it through this crazy world.

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Sabbatical Time

After working at my corporate job for 10 years, my company allows me to take six weeks off to do whatever I fancy, a sabbatical. Since I started at my job in 2009, I became eligible for this in 2020. However, in early 2020, things happened in the world as a whole which put myContinue reading “Sabbatical Time”


Finally, after being home confined for the past two years, and not leaving the country in nearly three, we’re off to see the world again. This time, to Rome. We started talking about doing this trip for my wife’s birthday, however, it appeared at that time that the Delta variant was a on the riseContinue reading “Italy”


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