Sabbatical Part 3/Hamburg

After getting priced out of Cologne with reservations, I decided instead to travel to Hamburg. It is, after all the second largest city in Germany after Berlin, and after researching on the internet, they had a Banksy exhibit that I wanted to visit. Getting to Hamburg from Rotterdam was an adventure of itself, having toContinue reading “Sabbatical Part 3/Hamburg”

Getting Back in the Office

A couple weeks ago now was my first time back in the office since March 2020, and the start of this whole pandemic thing. Although my job currently doesn’t have an ‘in office’ requirement, and my role is technically designated as hybrid, the company did open up the office for people who wanted to comeContinue reading “Getting Back in the Office”

The Curse of Unlimited Time Off

Being American, on average, we get 10 vacation days per year. Generally that number increases as your tenure with your company increases. One of the benefits of sticking with one job for an extended period of time is the increased amount of vacation time that is supposed to come with being at a company forContinue reading “The Curse of Unlimited Time Off”