Sabbatical Part 1/Departure

I guess I’m actually doing this now. Yesterday, Friday, my last day at work before heading out on six week sabbatical, and today, after hanging out with my wife for one last Saturday morning coffee, I got on the train, headed to the airport, and as I write this, am on a plane to AmsterdamContinue reading “Sabbatical Part 1/Departure”

Under a Week to Go

Several months ago, I planned out my sabbatical for October through November. I would fly in and out of Amsterdam, and spend the final couple of weeks in Portugal, scoping out the potential real estate situation, before spending the final couple of days back in Amsterdam. I am using an Eurail pass to get around,Continue reading “Under a Week to Go”

San Francisco

So finally, after being essentially home confined for the past year and a half, were back to traveling again. Sure, there have been some quick road trips from Seattle, post COVID, but this is the first time we’ve traveled involving getting on a plane since this whole pandemic began back in February 2020. This trip,Continue reading “San Francisco”

Traveling the World via Google Street View

Its been a few months since I’ve gotten out. Before 2020 my wife an I would generally take one big international trip per year, as well as a few mini trips, where we would take a bus to Portland, Vancouver, or a quick flight to San Francisco or Las Vegas. We would also make timeContinue reading “Traveling the World via Google Street View”