Part 9/Montpellier

Montpellier wasn’t really on my agenda before going out on this trip. Actually, prior to this trip if someone told me they were going to Montpellier, I would probably thought they were talking about the city in Vermont. However, after booking a flight from Barcelona to Lisbon, I now needed to figure out a wayContinue reading “Part 9/Montpellier”

Sabbatical Part 2/Rotterdam

Yesterday I arrived at the airport in Amsterdam, and after picking up my bag and clearing customs, got on the train to Rotterdam, the first destination for this trip. Getting in the Hotel Arriving in town around 10:30 I was unable to check into the hotel until after three, so I had a few hoursContinue reading “Sabbatical Part 2/Rotterdam”

Sabbatical Part 3/Hamburg

After getting priced out of Cologne with reservations, I decided instead to travel to Hamburg. It is, after all the second largest city in Germany after Berlin, and after researching on the internet, they had a Banksy exhibit that I wanted to visit. Getting to Hamburg from Rotterdam was an adventure of itself, having toContinue reading “Sabbatical Part 3/Hamburg”